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TH | Sapphira by q-oi TH | Sapphira by q-oi

 Sapphira Foxe
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: April 9th
Species: Cheetah
Occupation/Rank: Sophomore in college 

Personality: [ Independent | Flirtatious | Broken | Emotionally unstable ]

Independent | "I don't need anyone, especially someone like you, to boss me around. I'm fine on my own."

Flirtatious | "Damn, is it just me or did it get hot in here?"

Broken | "N-No I'm ok.. I really am.."

Emotionally unstable | "I told you to stay away! J-Just stay away from me.. I don't want to hurt you.."

History: WARNING: This history contains graphic content and can be sensitive to some readers. You have been warned.

Sapphira was born into a small family, one that consisted of her mother, father, and older brother. Her mother was a British model who came over to America on a fashion tour. Her father was a boxer that lived in Vegas. The two met and it was almost love at first sight. Diamond and Brandon hit it off well, even though Brandon's job was pretty tough. After a few years of being together, the two were married, Diamond quitting her job when she learned she was pregnant with their son. From there, it wasn't a very easy relationship. Brandon had recently become an alcoholic, coming home drunk more often. Diamond tried to stop him, but it ended up in abuse. When she have birth to their son, Cliff, she was afraid that the little boy would end up like his father. Nonetheless, Cliff would stick around his father. One little thing led to another, and Diamond was pregnant again; this time with Sapphira. This time, Diamond was determined to keep her daughter safe from her father's harm. Sure, Brandon had his moments where he was tender, but those were rare.
Growing up, Saph had a tough childhood. She knew her mother loved her, but she didn't understand why she couldn't stand up against her husband. The sounds coming from behind the closed door scared her, flinching every time she heard her mother scream, whether it was from pain or pleasure. Her father took a huge toll on her, saying she was just like her mother. He said awful things about Diamond, and Diamond did nothing to stop him. Finally, her mother had enough. She filed a divorce, winning custody over her children and moving away from Vegas. As Cliff and Sapphira grew into teenagers, their mother sent them to a proper high school. Although Cliff was still getting over being away from his father, Sapphira didn't mind one bit. She was popular around the boys at the school, mostly due to getting her mother's model figure. As much as her brother tried to keep them away, they always kept coming back. Sapphira would use their attention to her advantage, always making them do things for her.
In her Sophomore year, Sapphira met a boy named Peeta. They hit it off quickly. Despite her demanding attitude and constant requests, he grew feelings for her. They hooked up and dated for the rest of the year, and the year after that. During their Junior year, Diamond was diagnosed with a severe type a cancer. She only had months to live. Sapphira spiraled into a deep depression, slacking in school and letting her grades drop. She spent every single moment she could spare with her mother, even neglecting her relationship with Peeta. At the end of the year, her mother passed away, Sapphira's last bit of sanity leaving with her. She completely broke down, shutting herself away from the world, attacking anyone who tried to bring her out of her shell. To try and get rid of the heavy feeling in her chest, she sought out others to use for sex, thinking that the pleasure would replace the pain. As hard as she tried, no matter how many people she slept with, it never worked. She turned to other alternatives, dwelling deeper into her depression. Sapphira started using drugs, praying that the high would help her forget. It usually did, but it only lasted for a brief time before the heavy feeling set back in. She slit her wrists constantly, wearing gloves to hide the scars left behind. She got into fights, almost getting expelled for one.
During her Senior year, she finally snapped. The pain was too much for her to bear. Sapphira was ready to give up, ready to end her life just so she could see her mother again. Peeta found her in her house, holding a gun to her head. He managed to make her stop, shaking her back into reality. It wasn't worth killing herself. She still had so much to live for. Sapphira quit using drugs for a while, trying to focus on studying so she could graduate. Once she did, she decided to leave America, the weight of her mother's death still heavy on her shoulders. Besides, she had her eyes on a nice college she had heard of in Tokyo. Packing her bags and using the money her mother had left behind, she said goodbye to Peeta, boarding the earliest plane to Japan. She was excited, ready to leave her old life behind and start a new one. Her freshman year at the college was a bit rough, but she soon got used to it, making it worth her while. Although, she had started using drugs again, she didn't use them as much as she did back in high school. Now in her sophomore year, she's happier than she used to be. Now let's see how the rest of college works out....

- Women
- Men
- Summer
- Drugs
- The ocean 
- Sleeping late
- Coffee
- Cuddling

- Being alone
- The dark
- Losing a fight
- Idiots
- Stereotypical people
- Winter/being cold

- Singing
- Fighting

- Quick to judge people
- Anger issues
- Isn't very loyal to people unless she's emotionally attached to them aka prefers one night stands

- British | VA is Emilia Clarke (Daenerys from Game of Thrones)
- Wears gloves to hide scars
- Drug addict
- Needs to get a grip 
- Often has bruises from continuous fights she provokes
- Will use anything as a weapon
- Is secretly really lonely like she needs a hug from someone pronto 

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